How to Stay Married and Stay in Ministry

Being married when you have a job is hard. It’s even more of a challenge when you’re a pastor. Here’s a few ways that you can have a successful marriage and survive in ministry.

How Ministry Will Test Your Marriage

Hear me if you are a young minister considering marriage—pastoral ministry is not a Norman Rockwell painting. Pastoral ministry will test the very bonds of your covenant marriage many times. 

Measuring the Success of Your Marriage Ministry

One of the biggest challenges of marriage ministry is that it’s important, but not urgent. How then do you measure the success of your marriage ministry?

5 Solutions to Providing Childcare at Your Next Marriage Event

One of the biggest things preventing couples from attending marriage events is childcare. But this can be a tough service to provide. Here are five places you can rely on for childcare at your next event.

How to Work with Your Church’s Communications Staff

During one of our recent marriage ministry webinars, a church leader asked how she could better work with the communications staff at her church. She was having trouble getting marriage content added to the website and social media. Maybe this is a challenge you can...

How Sticky Notes Can Help Marriages

Small things actually make a huge difference in your marriage. Even something as minor as a sticky note can really impact your relationship with your spouse. But how?

[WEBINAR] Building Community With Your Marriage Ministry

Different churches call small groups different things—community groups, Sunday school, Bible studies, or life groups. But they’re all the same thing. And they’re all equally as important. And they’re the topic of our upcoming quarterly webinar.

Why Marriage Ministry is Personal

What makes marriage ministry personal for you? Who do you know that makes such a difference in the work you do? We recently asked that question on our private Facebook group. And here are some of the responses we got.