Using Swag to Promote Your Marriage Ministry

When we say swag, we mean the free promotional stuff you give away to raise awareness of what you’re doing. And you can use swag to promote your marriage ministry—allow us to explain how.

Helping Married Couples Get Back to the Basics

Do you ever feel like the pace of life keeps ramping up? Like life just moves by faster and faster and you’re wondering how you’ll ever get to all the things on your to-do list?

How Sticky Notes Can Help Marriages

Small things actually make a huge difference in your marriage. Even something as minor as a sticky note can really impact your relationship with your spouse. But how?

10 Tips for Leading Marriage Small Groups

Significant life change can happen in the context of small groups. In this setting, group members can feel safe to discuss issues and share experiences on a more personal level. One of the keys to small group effectiveness is the leaders and the preparations they make.

Recruiting Small Group Leaders for Your Marriage Ministry

Recruiting people to help volunteer in your ministry is one of the toughest things that we do as leaders. I believe there are six ways that we can recruit well, and help others discover their God-given calling in leading a small groups.

#OC19 Marriage Breakouts Preview

The 2019 Orange Conference is fast approaching! The theme for this year is IT’S PERSONAL: It Matters More When It’s Someone You Know. Which is appropriate for both a marriage and a marriage ministry.

Your Church Can Help Couples Get Closer

Everything we do in marriage either brings us closer or further apart. It’s as if we’re constantly on a sliding scale, moving back and forth, further apart or closer together with our spouse.

Taking MP Monthly to the Next Level

This month on the blog, we’re talking all about email marketing in your marriage ministry. That means featuring our email resource—MP Monthly. This is a tool we’ve used to help churches build marriage ministries for the past few years.

How Your Church Can Use the MP Membership

What does our new membership resource mean for your marriage ministry? Even though we’ve created this for couples, we still want your church to succeed when it comes to helping couples.

How Traffic Lights Can Help Your Pre-Marriage Ministry

Years ago in our pre-married class, I started to use the image of a traffic light to help couples discern next steps in their relationship. While in our class, the lights have nothing to do with automobile traffic, they do provide a helpful guide for ministry leaders and mentor couples.

Why Valentine’s Day is a Big Deal in Marriage Ministry

The size of Valentine’s Day reveals that people care about their relationships, especially their marriage. They’re willing to spend time and money on it, but they aren’t always sure what the right solutions are. Why can’t we meet couples’ needs through the church?

5 Steps to Stick to Your Marriage Ministry Goals

If I were to ask you if marriage ministry is important, what would you say? Most people who work with and near families quickly answer this question with a resounding, yes! If I were to ask if marriage ministry is urgent, what would you say?