Orange Conference 2019

Speaker: Ted Lowe

  • 59% of Christians disconnect either permanently or for an extended period of time from church life after age 15. —Barna Research
  • Millennials top two priorities. (Pew Research)
    • To be a great parent
    • To have a great marriage
  • Because marriage matters to millennials the church can matter to millennials.
    Because marriage matters to everyone the church can matter to everyone.
  • Millennials need a bridge into the church.
    • Authenticity
    • Relevance
    • Experiences
    • Acceptance
    • Inclusion
    • Respect
    • Community
  • Stats about church events
    • Special events have significant appeal to those ages 18-45 years old. —Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
    • 49% agree special events make evangelizing easier. —Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
    • 57% of churchless Americans would prefer a different introduction to church vs. Sunday Service. —Reach Right Studios
    • 74% of those who participate in special events feel more connected with their faith community.
    • 70% believe special events allow them to meet others of their faith.
    • 69% agree special event attendance strengthens their faith.
    • 56% affirm these events help them overcome life’s difficulties.
    • 49% agree special events make evangelizing easier.
      Christianity Today
  • Ways to use the Larger Group Experiences
    • One-night events
    • Worship services
    • Marriage retreats
  • Closer Annual Marriage Ministry Bundle
    • Two larger group events: Fall Marriage Kickoff & Valentine’s Event
    • Small group study: Closer Connection, the 4 Ways We Communicate
    • Four date nights: Take Out Date, Play Date, Picnic Date, & Pizza Date
    • One-year of Married People Monthly, a customizable email template
    • One month free of the MP Monthly for all the couples at your church
    • All of the
  • Testimonials
    • “I consistently hear the same thread: ‘We never had intentional marriage modeled for us, and it always seemed like hard work and survival. But Married People has helped us have fun and given us practical steps to take in marriage.’ At least three couples per event have the same story.” Josh Fortney
    • “We had a young couple in our community that had only been married three or four months and found themselves struggling and desperate. They had no church affiliation. They randomly googled “marriage help group” and our marriage small group came up. Since joining, they would tell you that their marriage is getting better each week. In addition, they have begun a journey towards faith in Christ as well!” Kyle Plew
    • “I would talk about the couple who decided to try again after our community event. I would also talk about having just a night to be around other couples who are focusing on their marriage makes it easier to commit to focusing on yours—you are not alone.” Heather Matarazzo
    • “I’ve heard from several couples that they now focus on the little things more since attending our events. Another thing I’ve heard is that couples see the value in being proactive in caring for their marriage as opposed to ignoring things and hoping the bad stuff fixes itself.” Monica Humpal
  • Things To Know