Marriage is hard.

Supporting them doesn’t have to be.

In your church, you see the ups and downs of marriages. You’ve witnessed marriages, helped couples grow in their relationship, and walked with them through enormous challenges that have brought marriages to the brink, and at times, broke them.

Marriage is hard, and we have to help couples in crisis. It’s a privilege and responsibility to do so. But many churches spend 90% of their time and resources on couples in crisis and 10% on the rest of couples who aren’t.
What if you flipped that ratio?

What if you spent 10% of your time pointing couples in crisis to professionals and trained mentors. And spent 90% of your time doing proactive marriage ministry. If you could help couples grab on to just one of God’s principles for marriage, it could impact the trajectory of their lives, their family, the church, and the community they serve.

Marriage Ministry Kits are a turn-key solution giving you what you need to add spark into marriages, even when things aren’t as “normal” as they once were.

You help couples change one thing in their marriage that bring them closer together. Because changing one thing, can change everything.

Marriage Ministry Kits

Date Nights Kit

Dates are the fun part of being married. But dating lately has been a bit more complicated. That is why in this bundle you will find customizable dates which include: 


  • 4- At-Home Dates 
  • 5- 10-Minute Dates
  • 4- Seasonal Dates 
  • At-Home Anniversary Kit
  • Promotional Graphics 

One Thing(s) for Married People

What if marriage was simpler than you think? What if changing one thing, could change everything?

Ted Lowe, speaker, author, and founder of MarriedPeople.org, goes after those One Thing(s) for married people by sitting down with some leading marriage experts.  

While these experts have a ton of content, Ted presses for simplicity by asking each of them: 

“If you could only tell married couples one thing, what would it be?”

This 5-Episode Course is all about the One Thing(s) they shared.


  • 5- 17-20-minute episodes 
  • Episodes Guide 
  • 4 Bonus Date Nights 

These fun and powerful episodes focus on differences, money, intimacy, connection with God and each other.  

Special rate when you buy in multiples.

Complete Marriage Ministry Kit

EVERYTHING in one bundle to reach couples at home, online, and at church!

  • Everything included to help you provide Date Night Kits and Digital At-Home Dates 
  • Larger Group Gatherings/Events you can host online or at church
  • Customizable Monthly Email Newsletters to help you provide great marriage content while stay more connected with couples
  • 5 Episode Marriage Study for Couples and Churches
  • A Marketing Strategy complete with promotional videos, social media graphics and graphics for your weekend service