Creating a Budget for your Marriage Event

No matter the size of your church, you can invest in marriages through a marriage event. Here are some things to consider as you begin to build a budget for your event.

How to Take Your Marriage Event to the Next Level

Perhaps your marriage events have hit a stale patch on road. You feel like the events look identical to the one before it. You’re ready to change things up and take these events to the next level.

#OC19 Breakout Notes: Get the Most Out of the Married People Strategy

Breakout notes from the 2019 Orange Conference breakout: Get the Most Out of the Married People Strategy with Ted Lowe.

#OC19 Breakout Notes: Reaching Marriages Today

Breakout notes from the 2019 Orange Conference breakout: Reaching marriages today with Matt Engle.

#OC19 Breakout Notes: Build a Great Marriage Strategy

Orange Conference 2019 breakout notes from how to build a great marriage strategy with Ted Lowe and Dave Safstrom.

Why Marriage Ministry is Personal

What makes marriage ministry personal for you? Who do you know that makes such a difference in the work you do? We recently asked that question on our private Facebook group. And here are some of the responses we got.

#OC19 Marriage Breakouts Preview

The 2019 Orange Conference is fast approaching! The theme for this year is IT’S PERSONAL: It Matters More When It’s Someone You Know. Which is appropriate for both a marriage and a marriage ministry.

Your Church Can Help Couples Get Closer

Everything we do in marriage either brings us closer or further apart. It’s as if we’re constantly on a sliding scale, moving back and forth, further apart or closer together with our spouse.

Taking MP Monthly to the Next Level

This month on the blog, we’re talking all about email marketing in your marriage ministry. That means featuring our email resource—MP Monthly. This is a tool we’ve used to help churches build marriage ministries for the past few years.

How Your Church Can Use the MP Membership

What does our new membership resource mean for your marriage ministry? Even though we’ve created this for couples, we still want your church to succeed when it comes to helping couples.

How Traffic Lights Can Help Your Pre-Marriage Ministry

Years ago in our pre-married class, I started to use the image of a traffic light to help couples discern next steps in their relationship. While in our class, the lights have nothing to do with automobile traffic, they do provide a helpful guide for ministry leaders and mentor couples.