Church leaders like you are busy. You’ve got a lot of things going on. You have too many responsibilities at your church. And you don’t want one more weighing you down.

This may be one of the reasons why you’ve been hesitant to pursue starting a marriage ministry at your church. You understand that helping married couples out is important, but you barely have time to pour into your own marriage.

What if there was a way your church could help marriages (including yours) without you having to do all of the work? There’s one key element which can make all the difference in a successful marriage ministry.

Empowering Volunteers

That key element to pulling this off is volunteer leadership. You can’t do it all yourself, so why not empower others within the church to lead this new ministry for you? Even if your church doesn’t have a staff member or budget to start a marriage ministry, you can still find a couple of volunteers.

Engaged volunteers are the sign of a healthy church community. Almost no church can (or should) run effectively on the staff alone. By handing this task off to volunteers, you’ve giving them the opportunity to serve and grow.

We’ve made our resources turnkey enough that they can be carried out by a volunteer. All you’ve got to do is give them the freedom to go.

But how do you find the right volunteers? How do you train them to lead the right way? How do you equip them to succeed at helping marriages?

How to Leverage Volunteers

These questions are the focus of our next quarterly leadership webinar. Married People founder Ted Lowe will be diving in to uncover how you can leverage volunteer to lead a marriage ministry. And as always, we’ll have time for Q&A, so have some questions ready to ask!

How is your marriage ministry leveraging great volunteers?