We recently released our latest pack of annual resources for marriage ministries. As with every year, these annual resources fall under one overarching theme.

The theme for this year is Game Changers: because small things make a big difference.

Because we’re so excited about Game Changers, we wanted to pull back the curtain a little and let you know more about what goes into creating these resources.


  • We start thinking about our next strategy pack during the summer
  • There were several theme ideas that we kicked around before deciding on Game Changers
  • It takes a dozen or so creative meetings to develop most of the ideas behind our resources
  • We make sure the feedback from our partners shapes how we develop the content
  • These creative meetings are attended by our other colleagues at Orange
  • We throw all of our ideas up on a creative board to get the creative juices flowing

Example of a creative board


  • We work with a local creative agency called PullSpark to produce all of our communicator, story, and promotional videos—this is by far the most time-consuming part of the strategy pack
  • The creation of all videos involves writing film scripts, recruiting local actors, renting a location, and lots of video editing
  • We partner with some of the foremost leaders and speakers in the country as the communicators for our events—learn more about the speakers in this year’s pack
  • For our small group study, we partnered with our friend Shaunti Feldhahn to customize the content from her book, The Kindness Challenge
  • We created the small group study videos in partnership with another video agency called Between the Pixels—these videos feature real couples


  • Finishing all of these resources takes about 6-8 months in total
  • After all of the content has been finalized, the files get uploaded to our new online store and content delivery system, where they can be downloaded by church partners
  • This year, we’re introducing a new concept—two tiers of partnership; now you can either sign up for a Starter Pack ($249) or an Annual Pack ($399)
  • There are over 500 individual files in the Annual Pack, which equate to more than 17 GB worth of space—that’s a lot of content!
  • The one exception to this is MP Monthly, which gets sent to church partners every month

What’s your favorite part of the Strategy Pack? What else would you want to go behind the scenes on?