We are thrilled to introduce a new online shopping experience for our church partners.

Previously, our partners purchased resources and downloaded content on two separate websites with two separate accounts. Now, we’re rolling those two separate platforms into one place. We hope this will make for a much better user experience.

Click here to visit the new store.

To help you navigate the new store, we’ve included a series of screenshots of the store below. Your Orange Specialist is also on hand to answer and questions you might have.

Online Products

View and purchase all of the resources from MarriedPeople, as well as the rest of Orange.

Login to the store using the same username and password as our previous system. No need to create a new login.

The Strategy Pack

You can now purchase or renew the annual Strategy Pack straight from the store. This is also where you will download all of the Strategy Pack files, too.

MarriedPeople Monthly

One year’s worth of MarriedPeople Monthly access is available as a separate product in the store. For MP Monthly subscribers and all Strategy Pack partners, access to Monthly is provided in their My Downloads section, and the content will be updated monthly as each new issue is available.

Shopping Cart

My Downloads

Find all of the Strategy Pack resources you’ve purchased in the My Downloads tab and download the files directly.

Downloading Files

You can select to download files and folders individually or download them all at once. You’ll see video files listed separately (because of their size), or other files grouped by event or purpose (like marketing or Larger Group Experiences).

For MarriedPeople Monthly, you’ll be able to download each month’s worth of resources separately. You’ll have access to these files starting with your purchase of the Strategy Pack. Access to the MP Monthly content will be open for 12 months, with new files be loaded in the previous month for the next month’s content. After one year, your subscription to MP Monthly will need to be renewed by either purchasing it individually or as part of a new Strategy Pack.

Click here to visit the new store.

What do you think about the new store? Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.