MarriedPeople Spotlight: The Church at Quail Creek

MarriedPeople Spotlight: The Church at Quail Creek

We have amazing MarriedPeople partner churches. These marriage champions are taking the MarriedPeople resources and doing things that are above and beyond anything we dreamed about.

We want you to meet them. So once a month, we’ll spotlight a different church that is impacting not only the marriages in their church, but in their community. We want you to meet people from churches of all sizes, large and small, in various types of communities, whether urban, rural or suburban, with budgets big and small and volunteers plenty or scarce. Regardless of how different these churches may be from yours, we think you’ll find some relevancy to where you are.

We gave them a list of questions to find out more about their church, their team and their ministry. This month, we would like to introduce you to Kyle Clayton at The Church at Quail Creek in Amarillo, TX.

Church: The Church at Quail Creek (Amarillo, TX)
MarriedPeople champion: Kyle Clayton

Size of your church: 350

Approximate number of married couples: 100

Describe the area you are in: suburban

Tell Us About . . . You and Your Team

I’m full-time on staff as the Senior Pastor.

How many people are on your marriage ministry team? 12

Tell Us About . . . How You Use the MarriedPeople Resources and Strategy

What does the calendar year look like with your marriage strategy? We do two Large Groups events, two Date Nights, one Marriage Retreat, and we have an ongoing Wednesday night marriage study.

What are some of the unique challenges to planning events in your community, and how have you worked around them? Childcare for everything

Share with us one way you took the MarriedPeople resources and customized them to fit your church. We use the materials for retreats, and it’s been great.

What has been on really great thing that has come from using MarriedPeople? Our couples are growing stronger.

What has been your biggest success so far? We set up an ice cream parlor at the end of one of our Large Group nights and then we had a dance.

What’s your dream to happen next? Continue to see the marriage ministry grow. We would love to the MP Monthly content available on video.

Thanks, Kyle, and the awesome team impacting marriages in Amarillo, TX! 

For more about The Church at Quail Creek, check out their website. 

To connect with other MarriedPeople leaders, request to join the MarriedPeople Leaders Facebook group.

Decor Ideas for CLEAR

Decor Ideas for CLEAR

If you don’t know our friend Archie Rish from GracePointe Church, you need to. He’s kind of a creative genius. We asked Archie to come up with some ideas for decorating tables for the Clear Larger Group Experiences. As you can see, the man is resourceful. (Yes, those are real goldfish in the bowl.)

When applicable, Archie also gave links or tips to places he found each item. Feel free to come up with your own creative ideas or use these. (For more ideas on event decor, make sure you check out the MarriedPeople Leaders Facebook group.)

Table Decor Idea #1

Table Decor Idea #2

  • Fish Bowl: Local Department Store / Search for online deals in bulk.
  • Raiser/Stand: Ask around your church
  • Clear Stones: purchased at the Dollar Tree
  • Couple: Search for discounted cake toppers online.
  • Core 4 Habits Cards: Download slide images and print on card stock.
  • Two goldfish per bowl.

Table Decor Idea #3

  • Clear building blocks
  • Wooden Blocks: 4”x4” Wood Post – Local Home Improvement Store… Ask someone in your church to cut into smaller sections. (Great Resource to use for other events)
  • Core 4 Habits Cards: Download slide images and print on card stock.
  • CLEAR Logo Stickers (created by uploading the Clear logo from the Strategy Pack to www.stickermule.com)

Table Decor Idea #4

  • Grass: www.partycity.com or shop local discount story for grass doormat.
  • Football: Borrowed from the recreation ministry at church.
  • Clear Letters: www.hobbylobby.com
  • CLEAR Logo Stickers (created by uploading the Clear logo from the Strategy Pack to www.stickermule.com)
  • Candy/Snacks: shop your local discount store/grocery store

Table Decor Idea #5

  • Clear Balloons w/ gold confetti
  • Gold Couple: Cut from foam board. (Have painted and used over and over for Married People Events)
  • CLEAR Logo Stickers (created by uploading the Clear logo from the Strategy Pack to www.stickermule.com)
  • Candy/Snacks: shop your local discount

Table Decor Idea #6

  • Vase: search online for bulk discounts
  • Battery Operated LED Lights
  • Light Bulbs: Search the prop storage closet at the church or plan ahead and ask the congregation to bring you some.)
  • CLEAR Logo Stickers (created by uploading the Clear logo from the Strategy Pack to www.stickermule.com)
  • Core 4 Habits Cards: Download slide images and print on card stock.
  • Kraft Paper: local office supply
Reaching Couples in their Inbox

Reaching Couples in their Inbox

by Tim Walker

Want to reach couples in real life? For many, that means hanging out in their inbox.

It’s where they get the notice that a bill is due.
Or that they need to bring $20 for the latest thing/event at school. (Why is it always $20—and so often?)

But what if you put something fun in their inbox? No, we’re not talking about all those “cute” emails your grandmother forwards everyone. But what if you put something in their email inbox that helped couples connect, laugh, dream, or just escape?

What if you gave couples go’s and do’s that they could actually go and do? That’s the mission of MarriedPeople Monthly, a resource that’s part of the Strategy Pack or can be purchased individually.

Every month, a new “issue” of MarriedPeople Monthly is available to subscribers either through a weblink or downloadable HTML files that can be loaded into an email management system like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

MP Monthly is also mobile-friendly. Couples can easily read the content together in a shared moment at a coffee shop, doctor’s office, or during dance or baseball practice.

But like other MarriedPeople resources, how/when/what you use is up to you. And also like our other resources, our MarriedPeople partners are taking the content and doing some awesome things.

Here are some of the ways just a few of our MP partner churches are showing their genius with MarriedPeople Monthlly:

“We utilize MailChimp and our list for the MP Monthly is specific to anyone that has attended any of our MP events. We’ve also created a FB group for our married folks in the church and community that people can request to be added to the list.” —Chris Fedorcek from City Light Church

“We post one part of the monthly on our church Facebook page every Monday and have our servant team share it. #MarriedPeopleMonday
We have also had each person on our servant team email the content directly to a group of couples they pray for each month. It builds a sweet connection and mentor potential.” —Josh Fortney from Pathway Church

Stephanie Porter from Eagle Rock Baptist Church used MP Monthly in a unique way. She breaks up the content into four different pieces, and sends it out each week branded as MP Weekly. Stephanie can help prompt couples to stay connected every week.

Couples are busy and many are on the go constantly. MP Monthly is something that many of them can take with them, and it gives them a way to use technology to reconnect.

Smart leaders like Chris, Josh, and Stephanie are finding ways to reach of their communities where they are. We think you’re really smart, too! You know the couples in your church better than us, and how to reach them in their everyday lives. So what do you think is the best way for you to use MP Monthly to reach them?

Post your ideas below.

Meet the Communicators: CLEAR Strategy Pack

Meet the Communicators: CLEAR Strategy Pack

Meet the Communicators from the MarriedPeople Strategy Pack: CLEAR!

In the 2017-2018 MarriedPeople Strategy Pack, CLEAR, we are featuring four incredible communicators in our Larger Group Experiences.

While your church always has the option to communicate live instead of showing the videos we provide, sometimes it’s nice to focus on other things and let someone else do the speaking. If you decide to use the videos, don’t worry. You’re in good hands. These are some great leaders.

Clear: Larger Group Experience: Get Clear on . . . God’s Help (Love God First)

Communicator: Mike Owens
Mike Owens has over 20 years experience ministering the Gospel through creative, inspiring teaching and training leaders. He is the founder and CEO of Ground Breakers Inc., a youth leadership development organization and youth and young adult outreach ministry to the city of Atlanta and abroad. Minister Mike and his wife have also launched a new church in Atlanta called “EVOLvE ATL.” He’s married to Shemika Owens with 4 amazing children.

Clear: Larger Group Experience: Get Clear on . . . What’s in Your Backpack (Respect & Love)

Communicator: Ted Lowe
After serving as the director of MarriedLife at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, Ted Lowe started an organization called MarriedPeople. MarriedPeople is part of Orange, a company that resources churches and families, and creates resources and training tools for leaders that work with married couples. Ted also co-authored the book for ministry leaders, MarriedPeople: How Your Church Can Build Marriages That Last, and wrote the book for couples, Your Best US: Marriage is Easier Than You Think. Ted lives in Cumming, Georgia, with his four favorite people: his wife, Nancie, and their three children.

Latest or recommended book/resource: Your Best US: Marriage is Easier Than You Think

Clear: Larger Group Experience: Get Clear on . . . Your Team (Have Serious Fun)

Communicator: Ted Cunningham
Ted Cunningham is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri. He is the author of Fun Loving You, Trophy Child, and Young and In Love, as well as co-author of four books with Dr. Gary Smalley: The Language of Sex, From Anger to Intimacy, Great Parents, Lousy Lovers and As Long as We Both Shall Live. Ted and his wife, Amy, have been married for 17 years and live in Branson with their two children, Corynn and Carson.

Latest or recommended book/resource: Come to the Family Table: Slowing Down to Enjoy Food, Each Other, and Jesus

Clear: Larger Group Experience: Get Clear on . . . Technology (Practice Your Promise)

Communicator: Mo Isom and Jeremiah Aiken
Mo Isom’s unique personal story and athletic endeavors have provided her with a platform to challenge, encourage, and equip others to live boldly, despite their circumstances. Her former life included being an All-American soccer goalkeeper, the first female to train with and tryout for an SEC football team, and LSU’s Homecoming Queen. Her story is riddled with adversity, but in the midst of it, she had a life-saving encounter with Christ. Mo lives in Atlanta with her husband, Jeremiah Aiken, and daughter.

Latest or recommended book/resource: Wreck My Life: Journeying from Broken to Bold

For more information about the MarriedPeople Strategy Pack, CLEAR, click here. 

Evaluating Your Marriage Ministry

Evaluating Your Marriage Ministry

Ahh . . . summer. You made it. While you probably don’t have weeks of vacation like a third grader, there is a pace of life that seems to slow a little bit during summer. There’s more fun, more relaxation, more focus. Why not use this time to do the same for your marriage ministry?

For many churches, big events are difficult to schedule in the summer, so hopefully your “to do” list becomes a bit shorter. Use this season to step back, recharge, and evaluate your marriage ministry. Celebrate the WINS of the past year and look toward the future. (In other words, have a party with your volunteers.) Take inventory of how well your ministry is working and make necessary adjustments where needed.

Think of it this way: “If you want to build something that lasts, you have to be willing to change what you build” (source: Reggie Joiner from The Orange Leader Handbook).

So, how do you begin to take inventory of your marriage ministry?

You might try starting with the following guide. Spend some time going through the questions on your own and then with your team.

When meeting with your team, allow for open honest discussions, brainstorming of ideas, sifting down to best ideas, and then develop a plan for moving forward.

Download the guide evaluation guide here . . . mp_evaluatingmministry

And then ready, set, go.

Download the 3 Marriage Ministry Hacks PDF and Start Crushing It At Marriage Ministry.

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