Ahh . . . summer. You made it. While you probably don’t have weeks of vacation like a third grader, there is a pace of life that seems to slow a little bit during summer. There’s more fun, more relaxation, more focus. Why not use this time to do the same for your marriage ministry?

For many churches, big events are difficult to schedule in the summer, so hopefully your “to do” list becomes a bit shorter. Use this season to step back, recharge, and evaluate your marriage ministry. Celebrate the WINS of the past year and look toward the future. (In other words, have a party with your volunteers.) Take inventory of how well your ministry is working and make necessary adjustments where needed.

Think of it this way: “If you want to build something that lasts, you have to be willing to change what you build” (source: Reggie Joiner from The Orange Leader Handbook).

So, how do you begin to take inventory of your marriage ministry?

You might try starting with the following guide. Spend some time going through the questions on your own and then with your team.

When meeting with your team, allow for open honest discussions, brainstorming of ideas, sifting down to best ideas, and then develop a plan for moving forward.

Download the guide evaluation guide here . . . mp_evaluatingmministry

And then ready, set, go.