by Tim Walker

When my boys were younger, we had a huge plastic container filled with Legos®. My parents had kept the container for years, and it was an amalgamation of various sizes, shapes, colors, and sets.

Other than the random blocks that would somehow end up scattered in our home, I really enjoyed this phase. We would sit and build whatever our minds conjured. Well, let me clarify, I would sit and build variations of the same thing—a house.

You see, for me, the tub of Legos was overwhelming. My brain couldn’t handle the endless options. So I would default to what I knew—making a house. I would look for the rectangular larger base, dig out the scattered windows and doors, and fill in the rest with blocks of various colors and shapes.

But that changed when my sons began to desire new Lego sets. Sure, we had enough Legos to build whatever we dreamed, but that new box sitting on the shelf at the store promised that we could recreate our favorite scenes from Star Wars. And it delivered. With the step by step instructions, we were able to take what was in the box and build an exact replica of what was pictured.

The difference? We had a plan, a guide that I could follow.

Now for some of you, you could take that tub of plastic bricks and make some amazing creations. In your mind, you can see how all the pieces have potential, and you know how you want to use each and every one of them to construct your overall vision.

But for others of us, we need a plan. We’re smart. We’re creative. But we want some kind of guide to help us know how to use the resources we have.

When you purchase the annual Strategy Pack from MarriedPeople, you get a tub-full of resources. things like:

  • 4 one-night events
  • 4 Date Nights
  • 12 issues of MP Monthly
  • a multi-week Small Group study

While that list looks nice and short, it’s filled with all kinds of files, videos, and slides—things to help you plan, promote, and implement a strategic marriage ministry.

For some, you can see that list and instantly start building a plan.
For others, you see that list and want to just keep doing what you know.

MarriedPeople wants to help those of you who need a little more than just a tub filled with Legos, or marriage ministry resources. So our team has a created a Scope and Cycle. Not because we believe you have to follow a specific plan—you know your church, your community, and your calendar better than we do. But sometimes we all need a suggestion of what would be to simply see things in a different way.

Here is the MarriedPeople Scope and Cycle document. Download it. Assemble your team. And use it as a launching point for building your own plan—or follow it exactly. Your choice.

Whatever the case, we know you and your volunteers will build an amazing, pro-active ministry to help couples connect and stay connected.

And if you need some additional help, contact the MarriedPeople Orange Specialist at info@marriedpeople.org.