by Ted Lowe

Why should churches have a marriage strategy?

Potential Answer One: Because marriage is the reflection of Christ and the Church.
If this is the case, then shouldn’’t the church do everything in its power to ensure that reflection makes Christ and the Church look really great? Marriage is important because it points to something even more important; how much God loves His people.

Potential Answer Two: Because marriage greatly impacts children
As I have visited churches all over the country, one thing is clear: the church cares about kids. Just check out the kids’ space/wing/facility/amusement parks of most churches. One of the best gifts we can give a child is helping their parents have great marriages. Or if that child isn’t in a two-parent home, then we can still surround them with adults who have great marriages.

Potential Answer Three: Maybe the church shouldn’t help marriages.
A lot of churches aren’’t doing anything proactive to help marriages. Maybe that’’s because they subconsciously or consciously think it’’s not the churches place or area of expertise. Maybe we should continue to leave it up to professionals like counselors and/or parachurch organizations.

While I can’’t argue potential answer three as a good answer, I have and do argue the case of potential answer one and two. But the answer I think is the best, is none of the above.

Why should the churches have a marriage strategy?

I think this is the best answer: Because marriage is a spiritual issue.
Of all three biblical purposes for marriage: functional (Genesis 2:18-25), sacramental (Ephesians 5:22-33), and transformational (Ephesians 5:15-33), the purpose of transformation seems superior to the other two purposes. This purpose of marriage and the purpose of the church is the same—to make people more like Jesus and draw them closer to God. It makes sense really.

When marriage isn’’t working, it robs people of their best possible relationship with God. If you are passionate about children and their faith, then empowering marriages is a must. Family is the platform on which God builds faith. Faith affects family. Family affects faith.

What’’s your answer to the question: Why should the churches have a marriage strategy?