Every month, we’re profiling a church leader just like you. This month, we’re featuring Rev. Monica Humpal.

Monica has been the Associate Pastor of Grow Ministries at Williamson’s Chapel United Methodist in Mooresville, NC for the last six years. She even writes a marriage blog for her church that everyone should read.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I love serving God by supporting the whole family—kids, parents, and grandparents. Marriage ministry supports all things “family” and can be so helpful in strengthening the entire community.

What are some challenges you face at your church?

Helping couples see the importance of their marriage relationship. Couples are either super focused on their kids, their jobs, or extra curricular things and are neglecting their marriages. They are also faced with a ton of “parent guilt” if they don’t focus on their kids every spare moment. Shifting to making marriage a priority is a struggle for many couples.

How has MarriedPeople changed how your church works with married couples?

We are now providing a multi- faceted ministry that suits couples needs, whatever they may be. We see that every couple is unique and we want to provide varied opportunities to meet the needs of as many couples as we can. Large events, small group studies, free counseling with professionals, retreats, date nights, guest speakers, etc.

What’s one helpful tip you’d like to share with other church leaders?

Even if you only provide a couple of marriage studies a year, do it. Start small if you need to, but try to find a way to incorporate marriage support into your overall ministry plan. This will go a long way to strengthening your age level ministries as a whole.

Are there any other helpful resources you’d recommend people check out?

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