Every month, we want to profile a church leader just like you. This month, we’re featuring Laura Wright.

Laura has been the Family Ministries Director at First Baptist Church of Gray in Gray, Ga., for the last 10 years.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Seeing the social media posts after an event of people who had a blast or felt like it meant something in their life. Even better when they quote something or share a resource because you know the ministry is making a difference.

What are some challenges you face at your church?

Finding volunteers! People are so busy these days, which comes to the other challenge of getting people to sign up and buy in.

Whether it is a date night, night out or even an email, you can’t make people stop long enough to pay attention. Getting them to want to use the resources is a challenge.

How has MarriedPeople changed how your church works with married couples?

It provided us a framework to do ministry proactively and not just reactively.

Before MarriedPeople we did not have a ministry to couples outside of a few couples Sunday School classes. With this we are now keeping marriage and the importance of marriage in the forefront of what we do.

What’s one helpful tip you’d like to share with other church leaders?

Find a few people in your church that are passionate about seeing marriages succeed. Often, they will be people who have felt the pain of divorce or adultery or drift either in their own family or with someone close. Allow them to own the ministry and use that passion to drive the ministry.

Are there any other helpful resources you’d recommend people check out?

Francis Chan’s You and Me Forever book was very helpful for our family. We actually listened to it on family vacation while the kids watched movies.

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