Every month, we’re profiling a church leader just like you. This month, we’re featuring Josh Forney.

Josh has been the Pastor of Marriage and Family at Pathway Church in Burleson, Texas for the last three years. You can follow him at @joshfortney on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I love seeing couples who are dealing with all the stresses of the world find common ground to reconnect, laugh, remember their vows, and enjoy their marriage. It is refreshing to remind them of their joy!

What are some challenges you face at your church?

We have a lot of busy families. Getting them to slow down and take time for their marriage. It has been a fun challenge for us to find ways to meet them in their busy schedule so they can enjoy their marriage as they go about their crazy lives.

We also have a lot of non-marrieds couples who want the benefits of marriages, and that’s a tricky balance. But it’s a great chance to remind them the value in marriage and God’s plan.

How has MarriedPeople changed how your church works with married couples?

We are more offensive so we don’t need as much defense. Being proactive has led to organic conversations and relationships for couples to have, and that leads to less “crisis response.”

We put more focus on the Core 4 Habits and that keeps people from freaking out and waiting til the last minute to seek help for their marriage. This has helped people get comfortable with talking about marriage.

What’s one helpful tip you’d like to share with other church leaders?

Start small! If you can find one area to shine, use it to build momentum! One small start will get you rolling toward big impact!

Are there any other helpful resources you’d recommend people check out?

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