At MarriedPeople, we feel that so much of marriage is mysterious, things like:

  • How two people can have such strong opposing views on toothpaste tubes and toilet paper rolls
  • How after years of marriage, one can still discover new things about your spouse
  • How God takes two unique, individual people and makes them into one over the course of a lifetime.

And while marriage is mysterious, the topic of money doesn’t have to be as elusive. That’s why MarriedPeople has partnered with brightpeak’s Love & Money Project to offer one of our favorite small group studies on the subject—Better Halves.

Why are we so excited about Better Halves? Because it reveals that money is more than just a physical thing—it’s also emotional and spiritual (among many things). That you each bring history into your marriage when it comes to money—and we’re not just talking about your credit history.

It’s time to help couples get clear about money, and determine what works for them, and what’s important to them as a couple, and we can’t think of a better way to do that than with this fun, interactive study. (Yes, we just used the word “fun” to describe a study on money. It’s that different.)

Better Halves is part of the Clear Strategy Pack, now available at MarriedPeople.org.