Brand Guidelines

Our Brand

The purpose of this page is to serve as a guideline for the Married People brand. Below you’ll find helpful information about our brand assets.

Brand Overview

Our Name

Married People

Two words—not one.
With the first letters capitalized.

Our Mission

To help churches help marriages.

Because when your marriage is better, everything is better.

Our Tagline

Real. Fun. Simple.

Our Voice

We aim to be seen as . . . authentic, approachable, relatable, helpful, and faith-based.

Brand Logos

Primary Logo

This is the principal identifier for the brand’s visual identity. It must be used consistently by adhering to these standards set in the brand guidelines.

Applying the logo to these standards helps leverage the value of the identity are our most important visual reference.

Landscape Logo

The landscape logo is an alternate version of the main logo. It is intended for application on mediums that favor horizontal spaces.

Logo Mark

The mark is the visual hero of the logo and one of the main identifiers of the Married People identity. It may be used as a visual reference, but not as the brand’s main identifier.

The mark shouldn’t replace the main logo and should appear alongside other brand visuals.


Because of the diverse groups and events that live within the Married People brand, the sub-brand design covers all variations.

Brand Typography

Primary typeface


Used for titles, subheads, body copy, & captions.

Secondary typeface


Used for headlines, pull quotes, and body copy.

Web typeface


Used for headlines, pull quotes, and body copy.

Web typeface

Playfair Display

Used for titles, subheads, body copy, and captions.

Brand Colors


CMYK: 0 61 72 0

RGB: 255 92 57



CMYK: 0 93 79 0

RGB: 228 0 43

HEX: E4002B


CMYK: 5 100 48 22

RGB: 165 0 52

HEX: A50034


CMYK: 20 100 22 61

RGB: 108 29 69

HEX: 6C1D45


CMYK: 100 90 10 77

RGB: 19 41 75

HEX: 13294B


CMYK: 7 3 5 8

RGB: 208 211 212


Other Brand Information

Photography Guide

  • Genuine.
    Avoid images that look like stock photography.
  • Gritty.
    Less polished. More real.
  • Emotional.
    The subjects elicit some sort of reaction.
  • High-quality.
    Don’t use images that are blurry or distorted.
  • Permissable.
    Make sure we aren’t breaking copyright laws.

Married People Term Dictionary

Sometimes we use some words or terms that you may not understand. This guide to our language explains exactly what those mean.


These are organizations that Married People works with to create our awesome resources. These may be marriage experts or authorities in a specific subject.

Annual Marriage Ministry Bundle

Every year, Married People creates a bunch of resources that churches can use to help marriages. We used to call this product the Strategy Pack, but we now refer to it as the Annual Bundle.


If you’re someone who likes Married People and tells your friends about us, then you’re already a champion. But now can set up a Champion account and get your own link to the MP Membership.


This is the term we use for the speaker who presents the message at an event or service. You might call them the preacher.

Date Night

We create date night experiences you give to couples to help them enjoy time together. These experiences start when they leave for their dates and last until they return home. The goal of each date is to help couples, learn, laugh, and affirm.

Larger Group Experience

This is the umbrella term we use to refer to one-night events, worship services, or marriage retreats. Larger groups don’t have to be large, just as long as they’re larger than a church’s small groups.


The Married People Membership is our premium online resource built for married couples. Couples can purchase a membership for themselves or churches can buy bulk memberships for couples.

Night Out

This is the general term that we use to refer to our one-night marriage events. But feel free to call these events as something else.


Married People is the marriage division of Orange, which serves churches to help influence the next generation.

The name comes from our strategy of partnering to combine the light of the church (represented by the color yellow) and the love of the home (represented by red) to form a unified voice.

Orange Conference

An annual three-day conference held in Atlanta, Ga., organized by Orange. Married People has a booth, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities at the conference each year.

Orange Specialist

Your Orange Specialist (or OS for short) is your guide to Married People. They’re your friend, advocate, and ministry guru. The fact that you get a real person to talk to is the main reason we’re a partnership, not just another product.


How can my church let people know about our marriage ministry? Promotion and marketing is how we answer that question.  We provide you with of promotional materials—including bulletin inserts, posters, note cards, sample announcements, and graphics.

Church Leader

A church leader can be anyone within the church. That could be anyone from the senior pastor to a marriage ministry volunteer.

Church Partners

We call churches who use our resources church partners. That’s because they’re so much more than just our customers. Our aim is to partner with churches and work together to impact marriages.

Small Group Experience

Different churches may call this different things—community group, Sunday school, Bible studies, or life group. But they all serve the same purpose—giving married couples a group of people they can meet and grow with regularly.

Strategy Pack

See Annual Marriage Ministry Bundle.

Table Game

Every event we create has a few different games involved. The table game is played by all couples at the event with the table or group they’re seated with.

Ted Lowe

Ted Lowe is an author, speaker, and the founder and director of Married People. Ted has worked for a number of years at local churches, including Saddleback Church and North Point Community Church.

Up-Front Game

Unlike the table game, up-front games are played by a few couples up on stage. Everyone else at the event just watches and enjoys.

Your Best US

A marriage book written by Ted Lowe, with the subtitle: “Marriage is easier than you think.”

Your Best Night Out

Ted and Nancie Lowe have created a one-night event full of comedy and learning that happens at local churches across the country.