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Training Videos

Get started with an overview of MarriedPeople with Ted & Nancie Lowe.

MarriedPeople Overview

The Big Picture

Leader to Leader

Our Strategy Webinar

Marriage Ministry Crash Course

Jump start a marriage ministry at your church in four easy steps over four weeks.

Week 1

Buy-in From Senior Leadership

Week 2

Identifying Leaders

Week 3

Customize a Launch Plan

Week 4

Create an Annual Calendar

Online Leadership Webinars

Every quarter, we host a free online webinar on marriage ministry.

March 2019

How to Help Couples Be Proactive in Their Marriage

November 2018

Why Valentine’s Day is a Big Deal for Your Marriage Ministry

August 2018

Combining Marriage & Parenting Ministries

May 2018

Reinventing How You Reach Married Couples

January 2018

Starting a Marriage Ministry in the New Year

October 2017

7 Paradigm Shifts Currently Impacting Marriage Ministry