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Training Videos

Get started with an overview of MarriedPeople with Ted & Nancie Lowe.

MarriedPeople Overview

The Big Picture

Leader to Leader

Our Strategy Webinar

Marriage Ministry Crash Course

Jump start a marriage ministry at your church in four easy steps over four weeks.

Week 1

Buy-in From Senior Leadership

Week 2

Identifying Leaders

Week 3

Customize a Launch Plan

Week 4

Create an Annual Calendar

Online Leadership Webinars

Every quarter, we host a free online webinar on marriage ministry.

June 2019

Building Community With Your Marriage Ministry

March 2019

How to Help Couples Be Proactive in Their Marriage

November 2018

Why Valentine’s Day is a Big Deal for Your Marriage Ministry

August 2018

Combining Marriage & Parenting Ministries

May 2018

Reinventing How You Reach Married Couples

January 2018

Starting a Marriage Ministry in the New Year

October 2017

7 Paradigm Shifts Currently Impacting Marriage Ministry