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Whether we’re old friends or you heard about us for the first time at the Orange Tour, it’s great to see you!

We’re the marriage division of Orange—helping churches to create better marriage ministries since 2010. Click below to learn more about us. 

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Did you attend any of our marriage breakouts at Orange Tour? Then, you may find these breakout notes helpful!

Even if you couldn’t join us, you can catch up on what was discussed and how to improve your marriage ministry.

Annual Marriage Ministry Bundles

Every year, we create everything your church would need to pull off a marriage ministry for an entire year.

This includes:

  • Marriage events
  • A small group study
  • Date nights for couples
  • Email newsletters
  • Promotional videos and materials

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Did you love the sense of community that you got during Orange Tour? Want to feel that way all year long?

That’s the kind of atmosphere we try to create on our Facebook Group just for church leaders like you. And you’re invited to join us.

Read the Married People book

Where’s the best place to get started to create a better marriage ministry?

Well, we’ve outlined our entire ministry strategy in the official Married People book, written by Ted Lowe and Doug Fields.

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Part of what makes us unique is our dedicated Orange Specialist—a live person who helps to walk you through our strategy and resources.

You can either contact them with questions or get answers to our most frequently asked questions.