Marriage Ministry for Senior Pastors

We know you’re busy. We’re here to help.

We know that as a lead pastor, you have enough to do. Adding marriage ministry to your plate is not something you’re ready to do.

That’s why Married People offers a turn-key ministry strategy that can be run by another staff member, or even a great volunteer.

Hear more about this strategy from Ted.

Meet Ted Lowe—the founder and director of Married People. He’s got a short video address directly to you, the senior pastor.

What’s the purpose of marriage ministry?

As the senior leader at your church, you’ve got to steward your resources well. But marriage ministry might be one of the best things you could invest into at your church.

Don’t believe us? Check out this blog post we wrote specifically on this subject.

ReThink Leadership Conference

Ready for a conference specifically for lead pastors like you? Then join us at the ReThink Leadership conference.

We wrote this book for you.

If you want to better understand how marriage ministry can fit into your role as a senior pastor, grab a copy of this book.

It’s an overview of our strategy and how it can be implemented by any church, any where.