In case you didn’t already know, we have a podcast exclusively for married couples. Every week, we publish a new post focused on a relevant marriage topic.

Our goal is to explore a question that real couples have, expose the truth behind the issue, and give everyone one simple thing to do to improve their marriage.

Things you probably didn’t know about the podcast

  • Our podcast recording studio is in Ted Lowe’s home office.
  • Podcast co-hosts Afton and CJ both work on other teams at Orange. And they take time out of their busy schedule to record the podcast.
  • Ted and Afton’s spouses also both work at Orange. Ted’s wife, Nancie, is an accountant, and Afton’s husband, Hudson, is a graphic designer.
  • We’re often joined in the recording studio by Ted’s dog, Tatter.
  • We occasionally take the show on the road and record episodes at events like The Orange Conference and Orange Tour.
  • CJ uses grand hand gestures while recording. You can’t hear it on the podcast, but you can see it on Afton’s Instagram account.
  • One of our running jokes is how much CJ and Afton like Chili’s 2 for $22. We’re not currently sponsored by Chili’s, but we could be.
  • The title of each of our episodes is a question so that people can find it easily from Google.
  • In a recent survey, 100% of people said that they would recommend the podcast to a friend.
  • We love having incredible guests on the podcast, including Jeff Henderson, Carlos Whittaker, Kara Powell, Carey Nieuwhof, and Shaunti Feldhahn. We’ve got even more great interviews planned for future episodes.

Other good stuff to know

  • New episodes of the podcast release on Wednesday mornings.
  • Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud and Spotify.
  • Not only is the podcast great for your marriage, it’s a resource you can share with the couples at your church.
  • You can even help us get the word out by downloading our podcast promotion kit.
  • Give us feedback on what you think about the podcast by filling out this survey or leaving us a review on iTunes.
  • We already include a link to episodes in every edition of MarriedPeople Monthly to help more couples listen to this great content.

Do you listen to the podcast? What do you think?