• The Suffocation Model: “Culturally we are asking much of our marriages, but doing little to make it happen.” — Eli J Finkel, The All-or-Nothing Marriage
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    • Physiological
    • Safety
    • Belonging
    • Esteem
    • Self-Actualization
  • “In marriage, we want it all—but we want it on the cheap.” — Eli J Finkel, The All-or-Nothing Marriage
  • What do we do as the local church?
    • Myth: Worship services and small groups are enough.
    • Myth: Couples will call us if they need us.
    • Myth: It’s never too late.
    • Myth: We will alienate people if we focus on marriage.
  • Bottom line: Marriage is important to everyone.
  • Why is marriage the church’s business?
    • Marriage is an illustration of Christ and the Church.
    • Kids need great models of marriage.
    • We are raising future husbands and wives.
    • Marriage is a spiritual issue.
  • But how? Teach a new, old view.
    • “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Ephesians 5:21
    • Race to the back of the line!
    • Core 4 Habits
      • Have Serious Fun
      • Love God First
      • Respect and Love
      • Practice Your Promise
    • Less content, more often
  • Larger Group Experiences
    • Worship Services
    • Retreats
    • One-Night Events
  • Larger Group Statistics
    • Special events have significant appeal to those ages 18-45 years old.
    • 49% agree special events make evangelizing easier.
    • 57% of churchless Americans would prefer a different introduction to church vs. Sunday Services.
    • 74% of those who participate in special events feel more connected with their faith community.
    • 70% believe special events allow them to meet others of their faith.
    • 69% agree special event attendance strengthens their faith.
    • 56% affirm these events help them overcome life’s difficulties.
    • 49% agree special events make evangelizing easier.
  • Small Group Experiences
    • “Community isn’t community any more, it is just a collection of homes.” — Sebastian Junger, The Quest for Tribe
    • “The biggest issue in U.S. is that we no longer need each other.”
    • “We now ask our lovers for the emotional connection and sense of belonging that my grandmother could get from a whole village.” — Dr. Sue Johnson
    • “I mean that I want us to help each other with the faith we have. Your faith will help me, and my faith will help you.” — Romans 1:12 NCV
  • Small Group Options
    • Start One
    • Change One
  • Individual Couples
    • Cities with major league baseball teams have a 28% lower divorce rate.
    • Date Nights
    • MarriedPeople Monthly
    • MarriedPeople Podcast
    • MarriedPeople Blog

  • Healthy couples have a “love map,” they place in the brain where they store all important information about their spouse’s life. — Dr. John Gottman
  • What if we do marriage ministry right?
    • Marriage makes Christ and the Church look really good.
    • Kids have marriage models that make marriage look really good.
    • There is, perhaps, no greater relationship that God uses to make us more like him than marriage.

MarriedPeople exists to help your church help marriages. We provide resources, training, and community to church leaders who work with marriages and families.

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