[Webinar] Why Valentine’s Day a Big Deal For Marriage Ministry

[Webinar] Why Valentine’s Day a Big Deal For Marriage Ministry

It’s November. Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas is coming soon. But Valentine’s Day is only three months away. Which means you’ve still got time to plan something amazing for the married couples at your church.

Valentine’s Day is a big deal because it’s the one time every year that every couple is thinking about romance. It’s your opportunity to help marriages, and create momentum to sustain them through the rest of the year.

To help you pull this off, we’re hosting a free webinar on how to make this upcoming Valentine’s Day a memorable one at your church.

Free Webinar

On Wednesday, November 15, 2018. Ted Lowe will be sharing some of what he’s learned after working in marriage ministry for over a decade.

Sound good? Want to join us for the webinar? Here’s how:

  • RSVP for the webinar to get email updates for when it’s happening.
  • Invite a friend about the webinar, too. The more people, the better.
  • Prepare some questions. We’ll have a live Q&A portion at the end.
  • Login to the Facebook group at 2pm on November 14.

It’s as easy as that.

Watch a Previous Webinar

We usually host these webinars about once every quarter. And our Facebook group is the only place to see them live. But you can always catch a replay of each one on our YouTube channel.

What topics would you like us to cover in future webinars?

We Want to Hear Your Story

We Want to Hear Your Story

We love telling people about marriage and the power of the church to impact marriages for the better. We talk about it a ton—on our blog, our podcast, through videos, and at conferences.

And people certainly listen to us. But there’s only so many different ways we can tell our story. We realize that this message means a lot more if it’s being told by more people.

So we want to hear from you. What does marriage ministry mean to you? What stories can you tell about the impact that marriage ministry has made in your church?

Send Us Your Videos

We’re looking for church leaders who are willing to shoot a quick video and send it to us to be shared with others.

Think you’re up for the task? Here’s what we’re looking for.

What should the video be of?

You! Specifically, you talking to the camera about one (or more) of these things.

  • Why you started working at your church
  • A story of the impact your marriage ministry has had
  • How you first heard about MarriedPeople
  • How MarriedPeople has helped your ministry
  • Your favorite marriage resource
  • Why other churches should think about using MarriedPeople
  • A word of encouragement to other church leaders

How can I shoot the video?

Whatever way works for you. These days, everyone has a high-powered camera in their pocket, so shooting the video on your phone is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure to turn the phone sideways (landscape) to remove those black bars when the video gets shared online.

You can also use the webcam on your computer, if it has one. The most important thing is to make sure you’ve got enough light and you’re shooting in a quiet place. We can’t use any videos where we can’t see or hear you!

How long should the video be?

Ideally, about 2-3 minutes long. But it can be as long as it takes you to tell your story.

How do I share the video with you?

There are so many ways, but here are the best suggestions:

Be sure to include your name and what church you’re from. We want to make sure we know who you are, especially in case we want to send you a special treat!

What are you going to do with the videos?

We’re going to share them with other church leaders who need to hear them! That means uploading them to our website and social media platforms. We may even feature some at our conferences.

By sharing your video with us, you’re giving us permission to share it publicly. But we also don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. You can always contact us if you change your mind.

We also reserve the right to edit the videos for content or format, as needed. But don’t worry—we’ll be sure to keep the spirit of what you’re trying to say.

Why should I send you my video?

  • The prestige of being featured on the MarriedPeople channels
  • To help other churches find out about us and do their part to help marriages
  • Because we just might send you some cool MarriedPeople swag if we like your video

Are you ready to share your story with other churches?



Every month, we’re profiling a church leader just like you. This month, we’re featuring Archie Rish.

Archie has been the Discipleship Pastor at GracePointe Church in Douglas, GA, for the last four and a half years.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

The partnership we get to build with families, marriages, & our community.

What are some challenges you face at your church?

A challenge we face often is convincing couples how important it is to invest in their marriage. The investment isn’t an option, it’s essential.

How has MarriedPeople changed how your church works with marriages?

MP has given us the opportunity to load couples toolboxes in our church and community. We are able to prove to couples that we are FOR their marriage. Because of MP’s work and partnership, we can take the content and make it work for our dynamic.

What’s one helpful tip you’d like to share with other church leaders?

No one knows your church and community better than you! Believe in yourself, customize the MP resources to serve the people you know best!

Are there any other helpful resources you’d recommend people check out?

Make sure to Lean into other MP leaders. Their knowledge is golden!

Want to be featured on the blog?

If you’re a MarriedPeople partner and want to be featured on the blog, just fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch.

Join us for a Marriage Ministry Gathering

Join us for a Marriage Ministry Gathering

Do you work in marriage ministry? Do you live in Atlanta or Southern California? Then you might want to join us for one of our two upcoming Marriage Ministry Gatherings.

Working in ministry can be a lonely endeavor, especially when you work as a field as small as marriage ministry. We try to help cultivate community with things like our webinars and Facebook group. But digital connections only go so far.

Sometimes you just have to meet with people face to face and relate to them in person.

Marriage Ministry Gathering Atlanta

  • Thursday, October 11, 2018
  • 10 am – 2 pm
  • Orange Offices
  • Cumming, Ga.

Want to join us for the Atlanta event? Sign up now!

Marriage Ministry Gathering Southern California

Want to join us for the California event? Sign up now!

What do you get out of it?

  • Get to hangout with other church leaders just like you
  • Learn from marriage ministry experts
  • Workshop some marriage ministry issues and solutions
  • Get lunch and swag

What do I do to get there?

  • RSVP for one of the events—there’s only 40 spots for each one, so act quickly
  • All of the details are on the event page, so mark the date on your calendar and get driving directions
  • The event costs $25/person, but that includes lunch and cool swag
  • Be sure to show up on time and ready to learn from one another

Are you ready to take your marriage ministry to the next level?

Introducing the New MarriedPeople Monthly

Introducing the New MarriedPeople Monthly

At MarriedPeople, we’re all about providing couples less content, more often. Rather than dumping a year’s worth of marriage content on them during an annual retreat or sermon series, we’d prefer to share practical advice for their marriage on a consistent basis.

That’s because married couples are busy. They’ve got so many things vying for their attention. For that reason, their marriage sometimes gets put on the back burner. Without meaning to, they grow disconnected from their spouse and allow their marriage to weaken.

A Practical, Consistent Resource

That’s one of the reasons we create MarriedPeople Monthly—a monthly email with simple, fun tips on how to stay connected in marriage. And we’ve built this resource so that churches can customize the content and send directly to local couples.

Even if you can’t pull of a huge marriage event, or organize a marriage small group study, we have confidence that your church can send out an email newsletter to married couples. Since we do most of the hard work already, all you’ve got to do is collect email addresses and click send once a month.

New and Improved

We’ve used the current framework for MarriedPeople Monthly for about the past two years. It’s included sections like Plugged In and The Spice that provide easy to understand advice for couples. But we knew that we could make it even better.

That’s why we’ve rebuilt MP Monthly from scratch. It’s organized around how modern-day couples want to get their information—whether that’s by reading a blog, watching a video, or listening to a podcast episode together.

How It’s Organized

Here are the six new sections of the newly redesigned MarriedPeople Monthly, which launches this month (September 2018). We encourage couples to pick only a few to focus on each month.

  • Read This: A link to a relevant blog post, or other online resource
  • Listen To This: A recent episode of the MarriedPeople Podcast
  • Watch This: A fun and engaging video couples can watch together
  • Text This: A fill-in-the blank sentence to complete and text to a spouse
  • Ask This: A thought-provoking discussion question to start a conversation
  • Do This: A practical action step couples can take to improve their marriage

How to Get MP Monthly

MarriedPeople Monthly comes as a part of our church partnerships—a year-long subscription with the Annual Plan and six months worth with a Starter Pack. You can also purchase a year’s worth of MP Monthly separately from our online store.

What all do you get every month with a subscription? If you’ve used MP Monthly in the past, you may be familiar with some of these files. But several have also be updated to match the new look.

  • An HTML file of the email
  • A link to the MailChimp template
  • Word document with all of the content
  • JPG and GIF files of all images
  • Shareable social media plan and graphics
  • PDF instructions for how to use the email
  • MP Monthly logo

Does your church use MP Monthly? How else do you connect with local married couples?

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